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We have been successfully working in the field of building and supply engineering since 1933. Due to our commitment, competence and experience we have become an efficient and reliable partner for industrial clients and contracting authorities as well as for private clients at home and abroad.

The engineering consultants Frieser-Uhlrich (IBFU) developed from the engineering company Frieser which was found in Berlin in 1933.

Building projects such as the “Reichstag” in Berlin or the “Haus der Kunst” in Munich were among the first projects of the office. In 1965, the company was reorganized by the engineer Dipl. Ing. Herbert Uhlrich and was named “Ingenieurbüro Frieser-Uhlrich”.

In 2005, Dipl. Ing. Swen Uhlrich took over the company. The office has been located in Ottobrunn since 1973.



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30 years ago, Frieser-Uhlrich planned the first heat pump systems in a hospital. Since 1998 the demand for these systems has clearly increased. In 1998, the first geothermal probe system planned by our engineers was put into operation. The university of Munich (Hochschule München) carried out extensive measurements of the plant resulting in the fact that it was qualified to be one of the most efficient on the market.

Furthermore, we deal with plants which are not yet ready for the market, e.g. the technology of fuel cells planned for a test with Isar Amperwerke at Tegernsee/ Germany.


Social responsibility

Besides our practice-oriented activities, Dipl. Ing. Swen Uhlrich is engaged in teaching at the university of Munich (Hochschule München). Since summer semester 2007, Mr. Uhlrich teaches material science for engineers of supply engineering of the first semester and the projectwork air-conditioning technology II for engineers of supply of the 5th semester. Moreover, we instruct, supervise and evaluate several Bachelor- and Masterworks every year.