Lean Construction

In numerous projects for the industry we mediate our know-how to optimize building processes and to reduce effectively waste of time, material and finally any kind of costs in the buiding process.

The background are exuberant processes and the constantly increasing amount of interfaces within the building process which require an elevated coordination effort. We have realized that controlling communication and precisely timing work packages lead to a significant decrease of waste on site.

In our opinion the most important kind of waste is inefficiency of the applied ressources. The target-oriented use of manpower plays a major role. Many construction processes may be clearly shortened by aligning the work packages and by timing them precisely. The finished building may consequently be used earlier as planned. Moreover, this timing increases the planning accuracy and thus the determination of the move-in date. You may exactly plan when the interior planning process of your building will start.

Additionally to the waste of time and ressources we can realize a clear improvement of construction quality and a reduction of double works. Double works mean additional expenses since time, material and manpower are used unnecessarily.

Exact planning, a coordination of the subsections and target-oriented communication – including all participants – guarantee the success of your building.


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